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How to choose the suitable artificial flower material?

With the increasingly serious pollution recently, modern people have a stronger awareness of environmental protection and begin to add some green elements at home. However, real flowers and plants need careful care. For young people who are busy at work, many people replace real flowers with artificial flowers in home decoration. This is also because artificial flowers have a long storage time and are easy to take care of, Let more and more people fall in love with simulated flower decoration. But many people are worried about what material to choose when choosing simulation flowers. Today, this page will help you distinguish the flower art of various materials and let you choose the materials suitable for you!

Common simulated flower materials can be roughly divided into the following categories: silk cloth, PU, EVA, hand moisturizing and other silk materials.

Silk Cloth Fake Flower

Silk cloth is the most common simulated flower material in the market. The price of this kind of simulated flower is low, the color is gorgeous, and the color solidity is good. The flower art of this kind of material is easy to take care of. Generally, it can be dried with water once; The simulation degree of silk flower is lower than that of PU material. Many silk flowers are made by hand and are easy to fall during transportation; 

PU material

PU material: the advantage of this kind of material is that the simulation degree is very high, which can confuse the fake with the real, and the feel is also very real; Many PU materials can also add flavors to flowers, and make the flowers smell of real flowers. Many larger flowers will use this material, such as calla lily, Datura, tulip, Lily and so on. The disadvantage of this material is that some colors are less solidified than silk flowers, such as white, which is easy to fade yellow; Like real flowers, they are easy to be damaged, and fingernails are easy to press lines if they are not touched properly; It has a certain thickness, so the effect of making elegant and petite petals and stamens is not as good as silk flowers;

EVA material

fake flower

EVA material: environmental friendly material, degradable, which will not pollute the environment when thrown away or burned. The price is higher than that of ordinary silk cloth, with strong water resistance. Many decorative lotus flowers will choose this kind of material;

Hand moisturizing

Hand moisturizing: this kind is an upgraded version of silk cloth, which is the effect of silk cloth after treatment. It feels better than silk cloth, and the price is higher. After humidification, the flower surface can absorb moisture in the air, with high simulation and better visual effect. If the environment of this kind of material is relatively dry, the flowers are easy to dry. At this time, you can also spray some water on the flowers.

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  • Thank you for your suggestions about using fake flowers to decorate the home. I prefer to choose real flowers to combine with artificial flowers to decorate.

    tommy on

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