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What's the advantage of Artificial Flower?

When it comes to artificial flowers, many people's reaction is: fake flowers are too fake. They look low and cheap. They are not as good as flowers. In fact, it is not. With the development of the simulation flower industry today, it already has mature simulation technology, which can completely confuse the false with the real, comparable to the flowers. Not only that, imitation flowers have many advantages that flowers don't have.

Never wither, the four seasons "bloom"

In autumn and winter, the spring in the garden has faded, and there is no competition among flowers. It seems that my life is less fun and more boring. We know that both our own flowers and fresh cut flowers bought in florists have a "shelf life" and will always wither, but simulated flowers will not. Simulated flowers will not decay and dry like flowers. Bright colors can be the same all the year round. Even in cold winter, they can bloom brightly, bring vitality and vitality to your house and add color to your life.

Anfamily Artificial Flower

Artificial flower don't be take care of maintenance, save time

In fact, many partners known as "flower killers" are not too busy with flower raising technology, but too busy with work and neglect the maintenance of flowers. You know, raising flowers is not a simple thing. Watering, pruning, pest control and weeding are indispensable. If there is no time to take care of them and allow them to grow savagely, its natural "life" is not long. In addition, if your flower is kept in a room with insufficient light for a long time, it will not thrive due to insufficient photosynthesis, and even "die". In this way, it's still easy to simulate flowers, which can accompany you to the end of time without careful maintenance.

Do not recruit mosquitoes and bacteria

I believe that all the partners who raise flowers have such a problem: there are suddenly more mosquitoes at home, and they can't drive them away. This is because mosquitoes like darkness and humidity, and flowers, branches, flowers and leaves provide a suitable living environment for mosquitoes. In addition, the branches and leaves of flowers are perishable and moldy, and mosquitoes and bacteria will breed. The imitation flower is mainly made of silk cloth and resin. It does not contain water and will not mildew. Naturally, it will not attract mosquitoes and bacteria. It is very hygienic.

Novel and unique, more fresh

Anfamily artificial flower

"A little red in the ten thousand green clusters doesn't need much moving spring". The green leaves lined with red flowers can give people a strong visual contrast, and can indeed show more vitality and spring. We know that the vast majority of real flowers are green leaves with red flowers, but the inherent combination of bright flowers and green leaves is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue and is difficult to brighten people's eyes. Different from the real flower, the simulated flower has strong plasticity. Its flowers, branches and leaves not only have a variety of colors, but also can match freely, "hit" a sense of freshness. For example, our anfamily's Hydrangea simulation flower (below), blue, light blue and green leaves are intertwined with light green and white flowers, with different colors and a sense of hierarchy. It is not like red flowers and green leaves, which seem to "bloom" out of "life". What it brings to you is the quiet "open" indifference and elegance, which makes you get an unprecedented freshness.


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