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The production skills of artificial flowers are very delicate, exquisite and realistic. For example, the thickness, tone and texture of rose petals are almost the same as real flowers. The blooming Gerbera is also sprinkled with drops of "dew". There are one or two insects crawling on the flower tips of some sword flowers. Some woody begonias use natural stumps as branches and silk as flowers, which are lifelike and moving.

Artificial flowers can be used for decoration

Artificial flowers can be used to beautify the home, and can also be decorated in large hotels, exhibition halls, supermarkets, stations and other public places. It is reported that over the past 50 years, simulated flowers have formed a large-scale industry in the world. In economically developed countries such as the United States, France, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands, the sales of simulated flowers are increasing year by year. In 2004, the United States spent a total of $1.75 billion on simulation, an increase of 1.5 times. The dried flowers produced in Australia are as famous as tulips produced in the Netherlands. It has been exported to more than 60 countries. It is recognized as "the flower of fashion that never withers". Singapore, which is rich in "Hu Ji" Yanglan, has applied the gold plating process to orchids, creating a variety of glittering brooches, earrings, pendant and other accessories, which are welcomed by many stars, singers and stars. It can be seen that the commodity value of simulation flowers is extraordinary. Turning to historical data, Chinese folk are no stranger to the application of simulated flowers. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Yang Guifei and her maids took the lead in using silk flowers to decorate their hair and mind because there were no flowers to insert in the cold winter. The painting of beautiful women with hairpins painted by painter Zhou Chou at that time is a vivid portrayal. In modern times, domestic simulation flowers have achieved rapid development, and a large number of products are exported in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places. On March 16, 2005, an international trade fair of tourist souvenirs and handicrafts was held in Beijing, with 71 simulated Gele enterprises participating in the fair. Its sales have reached the highest record over the years.

It is true that "things are integrated with the heart, and the environment is integrated with the mind". Since ancient times, the reason why all living beings prefer vivid flowers and trees is that they are living individuals in nature. A realm of unity of things and me praying for me and flowers has emerged. However, there is still a relevant connection of "false as true, true as false, inaction has a place and nothing". While we love flowers, we also provide a wide space for the development of artificial flowers, which attracts more and more people to enjoy. This is just like the rockery and fake water, which will also outline the artistic conception of "the green mountains are hidden, the water is far away, and the grass in the south of the Yangtze River is not withered in autumn".

Nowadays, there are many high-rise buildings built of reinforced concrete in modern cities. People's space to enjoy nature is becoming narrower and narrower, and people feel depressed and depressed. In this noisy and tedious City, people began to seek green decoration close to nature. The emergence of artificial flowers has undoubtedly established a link to beautiful nature for people.

Artificial flowers will use iron wire during production, which is easy to deform during collision and extrusion, so they should be treated and trimmed during deformation to achieve higher ornamental value. For dust treatment, just fix it for one or two weeks and blow it with the cold air of the hair dryer. If the leaf surface is seriously polluted, you can use a brush stained with neutral detergent or special cleaning solution for artificial flowers to gently wipe it, and it will take on a new look immediately.

It is made of artificial flowers, gum, silk flowers and other materials. Generally, the wholesale market is mostly single branch flowers, and the potted flower art in shopping malls is more common. In terms of production area, there are mainly two production bases.

When you first see these flowers, most people will be shocked, because their freshness has reached the highest level of simulated flowers. They seem to have just been picked from the field. They are not only wrapped in wind, frost, rain and dew, but also with the fragrance of the field. Their colors make you dizzy. They have the effect of oil painting. If you put them at home, it is like appreciating a three-dimensional oil painting. The new Japanese simulation flower is not as delicate as the real flower, nor is it the same as the general simulation flower. The flower stem can be bent at will, and the flower leaves and petals can be curled and kneaded at will, but the material itself has not been hurt. Every part of the new Japanese simulation flower can stand careful consideration, which truly reflects the word "simulation". To make the simulation flower look more beautiful and stylish than the flower, it is inseparable from the advanced manufacturing technology in Japan. A pot of simulated butterfly orchid with a plant height of 40 cm, the production cost is less than 15 yuan, the market price is more than 300 yuan, and the international market price is as high as 95 US dollars. A pot of Cymbidium hybridum with a plant height of 45 cm, the production cost is less than 10 yuan, the market price is more than 280 yuan, and the international market price is 80 US dollars. It is very popular and sells well.

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